Unique wedding favors custom made - magnetic wood wedding favor puzzle pcs


Like my 1998 wedding guest book puzzle, my wedding favor puzzle pieces are a 2014 original idea!

  • I am always thinking of new ways to use my puzzles to make my customers happy.  In 2014, I was running a tad late on an a guest book puzzle order to an anxious bride to be.  Feeling bad about it, I decided to take her photo, and custom design a cropped version of it with added wording similar to these examples seen here on this page.  I gave her about a dozen of them for her bridal party as a surprise bonus along with her custom wedding guest book puzzle shipment.  She loved it. I thought to myself that I am on to something NEW here once again.  See below for size and pricing information.


3" x 3" and 3" x 4" Wedding Favor Puzzle pieces

  1. The majority of the orders I have for these lovely wedding reception favors, are in the above sizes.  


I will make larger custom sizes upon request

  1. My 3" x 4" wedding favor ideas puzzle pieces are quite big and make fantastic wedding gifts for guests, nearly twice the size of a typical business card,  If you desire yours to be in a larger size, I am happy to give you a custom quote.  Or call me  1-860-818-4334 - Unique wedding favors

Wedding Favor Puzzle Pieces

Wedding favors puzzle pieces are made in batches of 20.

These wedding guest favor keepsakes are "magnetized"

20 guest favor pieces @ 3" x 3" =$95 ($4.75ea)

20 guest favor pieces @ 3" x 4" =$115  ($5.75ea)

20 guest favor pieces @ 3" x 5" = $125 ($6.25ea)

20 guest favor pieces @ 4" x 4" = $125 ($6.25ea)

20 guest favor pieces @ 4" x 5" = $140 ($7.00ea)

20 guest favor pieces @ 4" x 6" = $155 ($7.75ea)

Additional quantities are made in batches of 10

Custom Magnetic Wedding Favor wooden Puzzle Pieces Video

See more about these lovely puzzles.