Custom Magnetic Jigsaw Puzzles | Custom Magnetized Puzzles

Make your custom wooden puzzle magnetic

Most of my hand cut wooden jigsaw puzzles can be ordered with the magnetic option.  This feature is prices in addition to making your puzzle, as seen in the Custom made puzzles pages of this web site.  Call me or email if you have any questions that this page doesn't easily answer for you.  Be sure to read the lower part of this page as well.

Corporate Magnetic Jigsaw Puzzles

When companies order my magnetic jigsaw puzzles for boardroom presentations, teamwork training exercises, trade show booth contests, and icebreaker exercises, they often request magnetization to be added.  This permits their custom puzzles to be worked on and displayed in a vertical position so many people can easily see the puzzle. My custom magnetic puzzles are incredibly adaptable to meet your specific needs.  Just call me directly to discuss!

Bar-mitzvah and Bat-Mitzvah puzzles

I have been making custom magnetic puzzles since 1998.  When a synagogue has a no open flame policy on the sabbath, my 12-18 piece large custom puzzles make the perfect alternative.

My magnetic jigsaw puzzles make for easy display in front of the congregation on an easel mounted magnetic dry erase board. (Decorate the board edges ahead of time to give it a more suitable presentation for this very special event)  Each person comes forward with one large piece of the puzzle to say a few words about the person of honor, and places their piece on the board.  The final piece is placed by the young man or woman who is being celebrated!

Look further down this page for

Calculating puzzle piece area information,  to magnetize your custom magnetic puzzles properly.


Custom Magnetic Jigsaw Puzzles | Custom Magnetized Puzzles

Calculating the number of magnets needed in your custom magnetized puzzle.

Each embedded magnet in each puzzle piece give the appropriate gripping power for TWO to NINE square inches of area.

The math is simple.  To calculate the "average area" of each piece in your puzzle, simply do the following.

1) Multiply the height x the width of your puzzle to calculate the total puzzle area.  Example: 20" x 30" = 600 square inches of area

2) Divide the total area by the piece count that you want your puzzle to be...

600 / 100 pieces = 6 square inches of average area.  Only 1 magnet per piece will be needed. (See the chart at the top of this page)

600/ 30 piece puzzle = 20 square inches of average area per puzzle piece.  3 magnets are needed to give these larger magnetic jigsaw puzzles the appropriate grip.

3)  Round custom puzzles are calculated by the simple formula...

Pie (3.14) x Radius Squared = Area

A 24" diameter circular magnetic jigsaw puzzle is calculated as follows...

3.14 x 12 x 12 = 452 square inches of total jigsaw puzzle area.

How my magnetic wooden jigsaw puzzles work...

I custom make magnetic jigsaw puzzles with as few as 6 pieces to as many as 2,500 pieces.  Magnetic puzzle pieces are fantastically strong. These magnetized puzzles will have no trouble clinging to any magnetic receptive metallic surface that is flat. 

Magnetic Dry Erase Boards are most commonly used to display and work these magnetic wooden jigsaw puzzles.