Custom Made Corporate Event Puzzles

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The many types of Corporate related puzzles that I make.

Teamwork Puzzles


Teamwork Puzzles introduce a fun way to get employees to garner the concept of working together to complete a mission to achieve their goal of SUCCESS! 

Custom design your image and use my custom wood puzzles for your next teamwork workshop!

Detailed hand cutting


I HAND CUT my puzzles. This means I can pretty much do anything you might need when it comes to intricate details of how your images are cut.  Weaving my cut lines around words, objects, and even letters of words, can easily be accomplished in most cases.  See above how I have each letter of the word in its own piece and they all come TOGETHER!

Wooden Business Cards


Impress your special clients with a hand made wooden business card. Add my magnetic option, or just order the basic wooden card.  Both will surely impress.  Starting at...

Full color 2" x 3.5" = 24 cards for $ 65

(For magnetic add $1 per card)

Full Color 2.75" x 4.5" = 24 cards for $89
(For magnetic add $1.80 per card)

Trade Show Contest Puzzles


How can you attract people to your up coming trade show booth?

A popular way that we have helped a large number of companies invite their clients to see their latest & greatest products and services is to mail them a puzzle piece with your promotional invitation letter. Put your Booth Number on the back of the puzzle piece, and invite them to stop by your booth, in order to see if their puzzle piece fits one of the missing spots in your oversized display puzzle (Usually about a 24" x 36" or 36" x 48" size puzzle, on display.) If their piece does fit in one of the designated empty spaces, they win a prize       designated by you!  iPad, Pens, water bottles, koozies, or other creative tchotckes!

For general convention passers by that speak with your representatives at any length, they can also have a chance with the grab bag. Put about 30 to 50 false       pieces, as well as 5 to 10 real pieces into the grab bag, allowing the potential customer / client to get a chance to pull out a winning piece that fits in the puzzle.

I have heard of booths that have had lines of up to 40 people waiting to talk to a representative, and see if their piece fits in the puzzle to win a prize. 

GIANT / Jumbo Large Puzzles


Fully Interlocking Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles in a whole variety of custom sizes and shapes.

42" x 42"  (105cm x 105cm)

42" x 58"  (105cm x 145cm)

36" x 70"  (90cm x 175cm)

30" x 90"  (75cm x 225cm)

Magnetic OPTION is available on most puzzles

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