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Covid-19 Update (March 31, 2020)

I hope you are well and safe in these unprecedented days of the Coronavirus / Covid-19.  I am still healthy and safe in my home here in Eastern Connecticut, along with my fully functional wooden jigsaw puzzle workshop, and my dog Luna. 

Just like most of you, I am adapting to the new social distancing world we are living in.  Jigsaw Puzzles are experiencing a sudden massive surge in popularity due to everyone being housebound and looking for entertainment.  Mostly in the form of store purchased cardboard puzzles which are inexpensive and entertaining, when we find ourselves housebound with loved ones, or Isolated alone.

To help with the financial burden of these trying times, I have decided to extend very special and rare discount on my handcrafted wooden puzzles...  I hope that it will help some of you going through some challenging financial times, as am I (my corporate clients have all temporarily disappeared), to more comfortably afford and enjoy one or more of my custom wooden jigsaw puzzles with your family or for yourself.

Scroll below for how the discount works.

Please CALL ME: 1-860-818-4334 with any questions.  

I am open 7 days per week, 10am to 7pm Eastern (New York City)


Covid-19 / Coronavirus Discounts

Here is how my discounts will work.

In these difficult times, I am extending a unique and very rare discount program for my hand-cut wooden jigsaw puzzles.  

Now is a perfect time to treat your "family" to a beautiful handcrafted wooden jigsaw puzzle...  this is why I am discounting ONLY jigsaw puzzles that can be enjoyed by FAMILIES and INDIVIDUALS to enjoy as entertainment while they are homebound. 

ADULT Jigsaw puzzles (Custom Puzzles)

(Challenging with about 2.3 puzzle pieces per square inch)

  1. 15% discount on custom order totals from $125 to $500
  2. 20% discount on custom order totals from $501 to $1000
  3. 25% discount on custom order totals from $1001 to $3000
  4. 30% discount on custom order totals from $3001 and up

CHILDREN Jigsaw Puzzles 

(8" x 10" up to 16" x 20" sizes with individual puzzle pieces between 1"x2" and 2" x 3" in size.)

  1. 15% discount on custom puzzle order totals from $150 to $400
  2. 25% discount on custom puzzle order totals from $401 to $1000

Pre-Cut Jigsaw Puzzles at MarksPuzzleShop.com

15% to 20% off if you CALL - or - EMAIL me after you put items in your shopping cart and tell me the order total.

JUMBO Puzzles (larger than 24" x 36" in size) and puzzles not as specifically described above, will have no discounts.

*** How long this discount will last entirely depends on demand and backlog.  The parameters of my discount may change at any time, and this discount is TEMPORARY.

If you have questions... CALL ME:  1-860-818-4334

I am open 7 days a week from 10AM - 7PM Eastern (New York) time.

 Click here for my "custom puzzle" order form.

Order Form for CUSTOM jigsaw puzzles

 Click here for my order form.

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